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Specialist Areas of Law we undertake:

  • Criminal Defence: Defending person/persons on alleged Criminal Charges.
  • Criminal Appeals/Appeal Courts and High Court Matters: Appealing a Courts decision after the event and Sentence. (Appeals is our Specialist field with proven high success rate)

  • Civil Law: A body or rules that delineates private right and remedies, disputes between individuals and Organisations which may require legal intervention subject to instructions.                              
  • Slander: is a untrue statement that has been spoken orally. Libel and slander are both forms of defamation.
  • Defamation / Libel: Defamation is an area that provides a civil remedies when someone's words has caused harm to his / her reputation harm.
  • International Law:  A framework and a set of laws that are binding in relations between States and Nations. A Specialist ​law covers this and undertaken by appropriate Advocates. 
  • Family and Civil Matters to include Appeals: Precisely for Family Law, Property disputes, Financial Matters (monies claimed / owed) , Bankruptcy insolvency issues. Divorce proceedings and issues that cannot be resolved amicably. There are NO fast rules in these matters. 
  • Wills / Probates: Next of Kin, Power of Attorney, Executors disputes and compensation claims. Misguided or adverse advice.
  • Employment Law: Employment law regulates the relationship between employer (s) and the employees (s). It governs what employers can expect from their employees (s) and what to do protecting the employees rights at work and their interests.
  • Insolvency and Debt matters:  Insolvency is one an individual cannot afford to pay his / hers debts back . There are options available to you.   
  • Clinical - Medical Negligence disputes: there are many factors relating to Negligence claims which would have to be identified before making a . claim. Common areas for example are: Professional Negligence, Medical Negligence - care that was not given or taken away from a person (s) by a individual or Organisation that assisted in the poor health condition continuing and suffering of the same where Negligence played the main key to the matter. A Person or Persons wilfully or accidentally caused a Negligence act.
  • Business Law: Consists of many different areas in Law such as statue of frauds, contracts, leases and in-proper behaviour within the keeping of books and records. A specialised field of the Law that must be approach with caution and with sound advice. We at Law and Order are here to advise & assistance

  • Immigration Law: The Immigration Rules are some of the most important pieces of legislation that make up the UK's immigration law. There are many rules that govern your activities from documentation, who's covered by the rules, dates and when effect from persons seeking entry, person seeking to remain immigration rules for visitors. This is a specialist field and must be handle with professional advice.

  • Real Estate / Property LawProfessional advice in all areas of Real Estate matters.
  • Medication Services: Available upon request and strongly advisable in most situations.                                          
Tel: 02033229633

                All types of Litigation matters considered.                     

email: [email protected]

Offices Located in: London, Manchester, Leeds and Gloucestershire.

   Law and Order is a trading name to diverse legal services to professional Legal Representation - Solicitors - Advocates - and where applicable: Queens Counsels QC's. Contact Law Approval any reference to the Company shall mean the use to LLP agents or consultants with equivalent qualifications.

Registered under: Lawyer Locator. Company Number registration: 3858877. England & Wales. Registration 389978