law and order uk: Legal Assistance Suitable for your Needs
law and order uk: Legal Assistance Suitable for your Needs

Law and Order

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Legal Assistance Suitable for your Needs

We at Law and Order understand just how difficult it can be to take legal action against others and for this reason we do everything we can to support and reassure you by giving the best advice from initially our excellent Customer Service Team whilst working within you budget to ensure your legal costs do not spiral out of control by keeping you informed at every stage on the way. This is why we offer the packages we do today to assist you. We are hear to help.

Law and Order provides legal representation from all types of Law from Matrimonial, Civil matters through to small too major Criminal issues using our fully skilled advocates.

We would provide you with an excellent service by ways of thorough preparation in all instances from Tribunal Hearings through to the very High profile Court Cases.

We would provide (where applicable) the first 60 minute consultation meetings
free, not advice, this would be within our agreed service option package and further offer a ‘No Win No Fee’ (subject to status) facility in most situations through to our ‘easy costing budget programme.

We can also offer home visits which can be arranged to suit your requirements and at convenience.

Over the many years we have established ourselves as one of the leading Civil & Criminal Defence establishments commencing many years ago from within the Southern region now operating throughout the UK dealing with every type of Criminal Case from the small Traffic Offence to the Serious Crimes and from Matrimonial matters through to major Tribunals and Civil Court Hearings.

We always apply the same levels of care and expertise to every Case we deal with regardless because we acknowledge how much your issues mean to you, our potential client. 

It is a testament to our reputation that we have attracted and engaged some of the best and most experienced Advocates and Solicitors throughout the UK. 

We operate throughout Offices in the Leeds, Manchester, Birmingham, London and generally the UK. areas.

                               In some cases appointments maybe required prior.  

law and order uk: Legal Assistance Suitable for your Needs