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Law  and Order is focused on providing high-quality Service and Customer Satisfaction  to a very high standard that you would only expect from us.

We are confident you will find everything you require using Law & Order Legal Services.

We will do everything we can to meet your expectations as we believe no one should ever be deprived of their right to being heard as we witness grave injustices every day and feel you should know that someone is now here to help and assist you.

With a variety of Legal Services at our disposal : we offer professional advise and assistance that you may require and guarantee you the very best attention at all times using our panel of the highest respected Solicitors, Lawyers and QC's to meet your requirements.

Law and Order Legal Services (associates) would prepare and represent you in all Court Cases and Tribunals throughout the Country.

We understand how pragmatic and difficult for some to take Legal action and have the correct advice in doing so and for this reason we would do everything we can to support, assist and reassure you throughout whilst being under our excellent Customer Care Services.

We will work diligently on your behalf to ensure the best and correct outcome at all times.

We would work within your budget to ensure your legal costs do not spiral out of control and beyond your means therefore, why we would offer a 'No Win - No Fee' option (in certain case an subject to acceptance) or a payment arrangement programme to suite …. whilst keeping you informed at every step on the way of the progress of your matters.

First appointment and consultations would be provided by our professional staff at NO initial cost, this too can be arranged at your Home (Home Visits) for your convenience and if appropriate.

Our clients shall be represented from the initially introduction up to the Courts Doors if this is deemed necessary and represented then by our highly trained Advocates as indicated below.

                                                 Offices Located in: London, Manchester, Leeds, and Gloucestershire.


Law and Order is a trading name to diverse legal services to professional Legal Representation - Solicitors - Advocates - and where applicable  Queens Counsels QC's.

        Contact Law Approval any reference to the Company shall mean the use to LLP agents or consultants with equivalent  standing and qualifications.    

Registered under: Lawyer Locator.  Company Number registration: 3858877. England & Wales.